About BRT

A new and innovative bus service is coming to the East Bay: Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)


Benefits of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

Frequent and Reliable – This fleet of brand new hybrid-electric buses will arrive at least every 7 minutes during peak times, reducing wait times! Traveling mostly through a bus-only lane will result in improved transit speed. Emergency responders will have access to the bus-only lanes at all times.

Accessible – The bus floor and the station platform are at the same level to ease the boarding experience for people in wheelchairs or with strollers. Median stations will reduce street crossing distance.

Innovative – Transit signal technology helps buses and traffic flow. Clipper Card readers installed on the platforms will quicken the boarding process. Buses are hybrid- electric and low emission. Bicyclists will enjoy new bike lanes along the corridor bike racks at bus stations and on-board bike storage.

Safe – BRT riders and pedestrians along the corridor will enjoy the added features of improved lighting, state-of-the-art camera systems, new landscaped medians, sidewalks, high visibility crosswalks and new pavement.


Major BRT construction beginning now: 2017

In an effort to minimize disruptions to the community, underground sewer and utility services were previously relocated. New construction along the corridor will happen over six separately timed stages. To help address traffic congestion, we redesigned the intersection of Fruitvale Avenue and San Leandro Street and built two new parking lots in the Elmhurst and Fruitvale neighborhoods.

Our next step is to build BRT’s stations. There will be 21 center-median stations and another 12 curbside stations. Each station will feature hallmark artwork, new pavement, walkways and native landscaping. Crews will excavate and install nearly 10 miles of new blacktop—curb-to-curb—that’s expected to last as long as 20 years. Better BRT lanes means a better road to homes and businesses. BRT benefits the local economy and creates jobs and opportunities for local businesses during construction of the project as well as when the BRT is in service. Residents and business owners along the route will be notified in advance of all construction activities in their neighborhood.

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Download the latest Fact Sheets:

Fact Sheet – English 06/2018
Fact Sheet – Spanish 06/2018
Fact Sheet – Chinese 06/2018
Fact Sheet – Vietnamese 06/2018
Fact Sheet – Arabic 06/2018


BRT Creates Jobs for the Community
During Design and Construction:

Local Hire:
Goal of 50% of all hours worked on the project are to be performed by Oakland and San Leandro residents.

Apprentice Utilization:
20% of all hours worked on the project are to be performed by apprentices.

Disadvantaged Workers:
Goal of 25% of all apprentice hours are to be performed by individuals with barriers to employment.

During Operations:
Increased job openings for Bus operators, Bus mechanics, Custodial service workers, and Groundskeepers to name a few.

BRT Invests in the Local Economy: OVER $169 MILLION TO DATE
20% Small Business Enterprises and a utilization goal of 8% for Disadvantaged Business Enterprises.

Professional Services Contracts: District awarded several contracts during the project execution phase.
Parsons Transportation Group – Design services – $25 million
Gannett Fleming – Program and Construction Management Services – $13 million
CH2M Hill – Construction Management Services – $6.75 million
Public Engagement/Community Outreach Services – $1.25 million
Artistic Enhancement Contract – $1.6 million

Construction Contracts: District awarded four multi-million-dollar construction contracts to Oakland and Bay area local firms:
BP1 – Utility Relocation Project – Maguire Hester – $6.0 million
BP2 – Parking Lots and Street Improvement Project – Redgwick – $4.5 million
BP3 – Infrastructure and Station Platforms Projects – OC Jones – $108.0 million
Integrated Art Enhancement Fabrication – $1.5 million
Remodel Construction Field Office – $0.3 million