BRT Renderings

Take a look at the renderings of future BRT stations near you:

CorridorDisplay_31stAvenue_print CorridorDisplay_82ndAvenue_print CorridorDisplay_Durant2_print CorridorDisplay_Madison_print CorridorDisplay_GeorgiaWay_print CorridorDisplay_Uptown_print CorridorDisplay_14thAvenue_print CorridorDisplay_5thAvenue_print CorridorDisplay_Seminary_print CorridorDisplay_Durant3_print CorridorDisplay_86thAvenue_print



The individualized station artwork within the Cultural Corridor/Urban Flow theme will establish multiple points of connection for the public as they move through these historically evolving neighborhoods along the BRT route.

Urban-flow is a way of thinking about the currents of history overlapping with the systems of built and natural environments – whose common characteristics are the process of flow. To capture this complex overlay of natural and urban flow the BRT Artistic Enhancement project will create a 9 mile text/poem composed with images and icons developed through intensive research and community workshops. At 7 enhanced stations along the route the artistic handrail images will flow into the station platform and layer with a cinematic visual pixilation of the environment and passengers created through reflective honeycomb panels on the wind-screens of the stations.

Light and Shadow
The station screens will capture the moving passengers, passing clouds, traffic and illuminated signs and create a cinematic live action play of light, shadow and movement.


Variations in Station Identity
What evolves is designed to tease out what defines the many neighborhoods and segments of the International Boulevard Cultural Corridor such as:


  • Patterns and icons inspired by many types of businesses, car culture, food, music, gardens, workers, arts, sports, celebration and more along International Boulevard
  • The railing design will emphasize the identity and connect neighborhoods and stations
  • Architectural ornament taken from buildings in downtown Oakland
  • Cultural icons and themes, natural elements, histories and languages

See more of the BRT artistic images and plans here: BRT Station Art