BRT Maps and Routes

In addition to getting people where they need to go quickly, the East Bay BRT route will take riders to some of the most fascinating and historical neighborhoods in the Bay Area. Just a few examples include:

  • Downtown Oakland’s emerging tech hub and landmark entertainment venues and eateries for every taste;
  • Oakland Chinatown, the third largest Chinatown in America. Also in the area, the Oakland Museum of California and Laney College, where about 14,000 students are enrolled;
  • The dynamic Fruitvale with its myriad Latin-inspired restaurants and shops centered along International Boulevard, the approximate mid-point for the BRT route;
  • The BRT route leads to San Leandro’s well-established retail district, City Hall and the San Leandro Transit Center.

Station Map In English and Spanish

Station Map In Chinese and Vietnamese


BRT ROUTE North to South (Oakland to San Leandro):

  • The northern end of the BRT route begins at the Uptown Station on Broadway and T. L. Berkley Way (20th Street) in Oakland;
  • The route travels south on Broadway to 11th Street, turning left on 11th Street and going through the 11th Street tunnel (near the Oakland Museum), then proceeding around Lake Merritt to Lake Merritt Boulevard;
  • From Lake Merritt Boulevard, the BRT route turns right on East 12th Street and travels for more than 12 blocks before making a left on 14th Avenue and then turning right onto International Boulevard;
  • Continuing on International Boulevard, the route proceeds into the City of San Leandro, where International Boulevard changes names to East 14th Street;
  • From East 14th Street, the BRT turns right on Davis Street and makes a left on San Leandro Boulevard to the San Leandro BART station.