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Upcoming BRT Construction Activities on the Corridor

**All construction information is subject to change depending on weather and other factors**


Updated: January 17, 2018

Location: Zone 8: Oakland: International Blvd. between 41st Ave. to 52nd Ave.
Type of Work: Start of Major BRT Construction
Contractor: O.C. Jones

Zone 8: Active Work Areas
44th Avenue to 45th Avenue on International Blvd (roadway reconstruction on Eastside of International Blvd)
46th Avenue to 50th Avenue on International Blvd (center median work)

ENGLISH-Construction Notification Zone 8

VIETNAMESE-Construction Notification Zone 8

SPANISH-Construction Notification Zone 8

CHINESE-Construction Notification Zone 8

Location: Zone 10: Oakland: International Blvd. between 62nd & 71st Avenues
Type of Work: Start of Major BRT Construction
Contractor: O.C. Jones

Zone 10 – Active Work Areas
Havenscourt Blvd. to 68th Ave./International Blvd. (Center median station work) Link to Median Advisory
71st– 73rd/ International Blvd., (Center-median station work) Link to Median Advisory

ENGLISH-Construction Notification Zone 10

VIETNAMESE-Construction Notification Zone 10

SPANISH-Construction Notification Zone 10

CHINESE-Construction Notification Zone 10

Location: Zone 12: Oakland: International Blvd. between 82nd & 94th Avenues
Type of Work: Start of Major BRT Construction
Contractor: O.C. Jones

Zone 12 – Active Work Areas
84th to 85th – West Sidewalk
85th – 90th / International Blvd., Center-Median station work started 9/5/17. Link to Median Advisory
90th to 94th/International Blvd., Center-Median work started 12/18/17
94th/International Blvd. (Southeast corner)
92nd/International Blvd. (North West Corner) Substantially complete
92nd/International Blvd. (South East Corner) Substantially complete

ENGLISH-Construction Notification Zone 12

VIETNAMESE-Construction Notification Zone 12

SPANISH-Construction Notification Zone 12

CHINESE-Construction Notification Zone 12

Location: Zone 13: Oakland: International Blvd. between 94th Avenue and Durant Avenue
Type of Work: Start of Major BRT Construction
Contractor: O. C. Jones

Zone 13 – Active Work Areas:
103rd/International Blvd (SW Corner)
102nd (NE & SE Corner)
100th/International Blvd. (South East Corner) Scheduled to begin late January

ENGLISH-Construction Notification Zone 13

VIETNAMESE-Construction Notification Zone 13

SPANISH-Construction Notification Zone 13

CHINESE-Construction Notification Zone 13

Location: Zone 14: San Leandro: E. 14th Street from Durant to Davis and Davis from E.14th to San Leandro Blvd.
Type of Work: Start of Major BRT Construction
Contractor: O.C. Jones

Zone 14 – Active Work Areas

Hays/Davis (South side of Davis)
E. 14th between Haas and Toler (East sidewalk)
Georgia Way/E.14th (North East Corner)Substantially complete
Georgia Way/E.14th (South East Corner)Substantially complete
Georgia Way South Bound Station Construction scheduled to begin January 12th
Median work on Davis Street between E. 14th & Hays/Dan Niemi Way in late January

Street Closures:
All dates subject to change based on weather and field conditions.


ENGLISH-Construction Notification Zone 14

VIETNAMESE-Construction Notification Zone 14

SPANISH-Construction Notification Zone 14

CHINESE-Construction Notification Zone 14

To minimize disruption, construction will happen over several stages. The map and links below illustrate the various construction zones and phases that will guide the construction sequencing.
Click for a printable PDF


BRT Station Map – English & Spanish (12-20-16)

The construction activity to build the stations and infrastructure for the BRT system may include: demolition, excavation, pipe installation, paving, traffic signals, platform construction, curb ramps, lighting and landscaping. As part of the BRT project, you may also see local utility companies such as PG&E, EBMUD, AT&T and others working to relocate utility lines to make way for the new BRT infrastructure. While not all work by these companies will be associated with the BRT project, some of it will be.

We know that major construction can be an inconvenience to your normal activity. In an effort to minimize disruptions, we have limited construction days to Monday – Friday between the hours 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. While we do not anticipate deviations from this schedule, certain construction work may require operations to extend through 7 p.m., and possibly Saturdays and nights (if approved by the Cities of Oakland, San Leandro and Caltrans.)

East Bay-based general contractor O.C. Jones & Sons, Inc. and their subcontractors will not need to access your building or property. Nevertheless, safety is the primary goal during construction, so the contractor may temporarily post signs that restrict or reroute vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles and parking. Please abide by all posted construction signs and DO NOT enter any designated construction area.

AC Transit and our contractor are making every effort to minimize inconveniences to residents and businesses. We are keeping residents and businesses in construction areas notified in advance of AC Transit estimated construction start dates. If you have any questions or concerns about the work, please Contact Us

In addition to breaking out the construction into zones and phases, the Construction Impact Mitigation Plan provides guidelines and clarity on the District’s commitment to mitigate temporary impacts on businesses and communities during construction.

Construction Impact Mitigation Plan (CIM Plan) – Council Approved May 2016

BRT Plans and Drawings (See item No. 2 in this link)

BRT Landscaping Plan

BRT Project Exhibit