In the course of the design of the BRT project, AC Transit and its BRT partners, the cities of Oakland and San Leandro, conducted in-depth community engagement with merchants,  community groups and stakeholders to more fully understand the concerns around parking in the distinct neighborhoods and different interests along the 9.5 mile route.  A concerted effort was made to clearly identify concerns and to collect as comprehensive and thorough feedback as possible through this process.

The City of Oakland engaged the services of Fehr & Peers to conduct observations and prepare a report on the extent to which BRT construction would alter the existing on-street parking supply and configuration and to propose on-street parking improvements.

The report offers suggestions for parking strategies such as meters and time limits that prioritize customer parking and deliveries along the BRT route.  AC Transit has implemented the recommended on-street parking improvements for the Fruitvale Bypass and the creation of two parking lots at Fruitvale and Elmhurst.  The report also contains suggestions for future possible implementation including meter installations and upgrades on select side streets in Fruitvale.

The full document can be found here:
East Bay BRT Project – Oakland Parking Analysis (Final Parking Impact and Parking Improvement Plans for Downtown through Durant Avenue)

Within the document, you will find very detailed explanations on methodology and related findings as well as a variety of tables and maps.

For questions about the Fehr & Peers parking study, please contact:
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For questions about City of Oakland on-street parking supply and proposed parking improvements during BRT construction, please contact:

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