Variety is the key in this community.

For the young, the Boys & Girls Club of Oakland has a major facility at 8530 International Blvd.

The historic Allen Temple Baptist Church offers many things for all ages. Its expansive campus includes a theater, a gymnasium, a library and a living center, all of which host community activities. The church also operates several affordable housing communities in the area.


Roots offers health options

The Roots Community Health Center at 9925 International Blvd. offers quality comprehensive healthcare services in East Oakland. At Roots, families can get health services and assistance. Whether the need is an annual exam, immigration services, or primary care, the Roots clinic is open to all.

Roots Community Health Center was founded in 2008 as a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization to address the health needs of East Oakland residents by providing culturally appropriate health care and high-quality services. The Roots clinic continues to improve the health of its community and collaborates with cross-agencies to ensure that all Easy Bay residents can get the help they need.

“Roots staff is dedicated to healing our community from within through high quality care that emphasizes self-advocacy and empowerment,” says Noha Aboelata, MD, Roots CEO. “At Roots, East Oakland’s health hub, we treat the whole person by ensuring linkages to community resources, removing barriers to employment, and providing workforce training in healthcare and light manufacturing, which has a positive impact on the family and the entire community. ”

Lab tests, physical exams, and check ups are just an appointment away. Get set up with your own personal doctor quickly and easily. Residents of East Oakland who need in-home care assistance can also join the Residence Based Care Program.

Community-based services such as personal assessments or on-site screenings are offered and are just a short ride away on Easy Bay BRT.

Men’s Health Services, mental health services, pre-employment physicals, substance abuse resources, and counseling services are just a few of the general programs that are offered.

To schedule an appointment please call 510-777-1177, Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Campus hosts community services

Allen Temple Baptist Church offers a plethora of health and social services on its campus at 85th and International Boulevard.

From 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., the Family Life Center provides services for children, youth, seniors, and families. Regardless of your church affiliation or religious belief, Allen Temple Baptist opens its doors to the community for anyone seeking resources and support.

The Family Life Center offers the community programs that provide positive approaches to all of life’s challenges. Attend educational health classes to learn about caring for hypertension and diabetes. Every fourth Wednesday and first Friday of every month, representatives of the Department of Veteran Affairs are available on-site to assist active military and veterans with counseling, information, and referral services.

At the Dr. Robert C. Scott Wellness Center, also located on the Allen Temple Baptist campus, the community is offered a safe place for counseling services. Sign up for the certified anger management/domestic violence program; take parenting classes, and get free mental health counseling from a supportive and highly trained staff.

Unsure of what services you need? Stop by the information and referral center to get assistance on housing, medical, transportation, and more.

Allen Temple Baptist Church was founded in 1919 with a commitment to serve people of all ages and cultural backgrounds in ministry and the community.

Take East Bay BRT right to this campus.

(Photo Credit: Calvin Walker)

Boys & Girls Club offers haven

At the Ossain E. Carr Branch of the Boys & Girls Club of Oakland (8530 International Blvd.), youth in the Hegenberger and Elmhurst neighborhoods can find a safe place in which to learn, grow and play.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Oakland began in 1941 to develop the community’s youth and provide a safe place to serve families and children ages 6 to 17. With a goal to serve over 5,000 youth and 10 percent of the Oakland Public School District’s enrollment, the Boys & Girls Clubs work year around to provide programs that cater to all backgrounds, disadvantages, or special circumstances. Club membership costs $20 for the whole year.

During the school year, kids can participate in the “Power Hour,” which is a tutorial and homework assistance program that is coordinated with the work of Oakland public schools. Starting at age 11, youth can be introduced to different career options through the “Career Beginnings” program.

“We have a big academic focus here at the Boys & Girls Club,” said Fred Fraizer, director at Ossain E. Carr Branch. “By networking with feeder schools, we are able to design programs that are needed outside of the classrooms.”

Health and life skills are important values that the club promotes. There are programs designed to establish a positive self-image, develop healthy eating habits, and grow individuals to be self-sufficient adults.

This branch offers free lunch and snack programs as well as cooking classes in the clubhouse. The club also provided free health screenings and physical fitness assessments that can be catered to each child.

Sports and recreation is one key to the development of each child and the Ossain E. Carr branch membership includes sports, art classes, and zumba classes in the dance room. From the basketball court to the game room, kids can find an activity that they enjoy and participate in daily games to stay fit.

“We’re looking forward to the East Bay BRT because it will provide access for our members and comfort for their parents,” said Fraizer. “Our kids will arrive safely and affordably.”