San Antonio

This neighborhood offers another glimpse of the melting pot of cultures that is Oakland’s rich heritage. Small businesses – including many run by Vietnamese entrepreneurs – mark this area.

The San Antonio Recreation Center and Sports Complex is a short walk up 19th Avenue.

The neighborhood is also home to the innovative educational program at Think College Now.

(Photo Credit: Welcome to The Historic San Antonio District, City of Oakland sign ( CC-A Photo by HiMY SYeD )


Park has something for everyone

The San Antonio neighborhood doubles as the melting pot of all cultures and home to one of the best free sports complex areas in Oakland. The children’s playground, lighted tennis and basketball courts, and a soccer field are just a few of the many recreational activities the San Antonio Recreation Center and Sports Complex (1701 East 19th St.) offers to the community.

Surrounded by beautiful trees and grass, San Antonio Park sits at the top of the lower rolling hills of the East Bay making it the ideal location for outdoor activities and family fun.

Every year the San Antonio neighborhood comes alive when Eastside Arts Alliance hosts the Malcolm X Jazz Festival attracting thousands of people from all over the Bay Area. The festival features live performances from local artists, food vendors, live painting, and more. The park is just a few blocks away from the East Bay BRT stop making this festival experience easily accessible, no matter where you live.

Youth sports activities are available at San Antonio. Boys and girls can learn how to play basketball or brush up on their tennis skills with the help of highly trained instructors.

Every Tuesday through Friday after 6 p.m. or on Saturdays, San Antonio offers adult fitness and weight training to the public. For a small fee, take Pilates or breathing classes and access the weight equipment to get your body in shape.

After school programs aren’t limited to just sports, children and youth have the ability to improve their academic skills when they join the Scholars Homework Club. Every day after school, the San Antonio staff helps with homework and teaches effective study skills.

San Antonio park is also available to host family BBQs or outdoor gathering. There is a lot of open space, tables, and benches available to the community.

From the two children’s playgrounds to the community garden on the top of the hill, the park is a highlight to the San Antonio neighborhood.

Stay active at Senior Center

The San Antonio Senior Center is dedicated to promoting good health, education, and physical development to seniors in the area. Regardless of your economic status, background, and physical ability, every senior can take advantage of a rich program where you feel welcomed and at home.

The services at the San Antonio center cater to every senior’s need. Highly trained bilingual volunteers greet visitors with open arms and build healthy long lasting relationships. The San Antonio center staff makes an effort to provide information and interpretation of documents in Spanish, Khmer, and Laotian for all of their workshops so no one in the community feels left out.

Staying active as a senior isn’t easy. The San Antonio center has a plethora of activities such as zumba and yoga classes, bingo, and holiday parties that stimulate the mind, body, and soul. You can play pool in the game room or relax on the patio at your leisure. A low-cost lunch is provided daily and seniors can participate in the monthly food bag program at no cost.

Seniors can also exercise their brain and learn new technical skills with computer training courses and art projects.

With the East Bay BRT, San Antonio Senior Center and Alameda County will be able to better serve over 1,000 low-income seniors that make up the neighborhoods. More seniors will be able to attend seminars that will help them in applying for food stamps and Medicare. There also are nutrition classes.

The San Antonio Senior Center is located in the Fruitvale Village and is a community asset for both the Fruitvale and San Antonio neighborhoods.

Program fuels college dream

Think College Now is an Oakland Public School program for grades K-5 that specializes in building expectations that will put students on the right track for college.

All students should have an equal opportunity to attend college. Through community and family involvement, students in Oakland’s diverse Fruitvale/San Antonio community are given the necessary tools and support. After-school programs foster academics, cultural development, and career interests.

Located in the Cesar Chavez Education Center (2825 International Blvd.), Think College Now is easily accessible right on International Boulevard. Students attending this school are able to take East Bay BRT right to class so they don’t have to worry about transportation or hardships getting in the way of their education.

Every Think College Now student receives at least two sessions a week in the science lab. Students can attend TCN after school and access the computer labs to do homework assignments, practice creative writing skills and join the “Super Star Literacy” program for reading comprehension.

Since 2003, TCN has aimed to offer all kids in the community a college-bound experience. Just as early as kindergarten, students can go on tours to visit campuses around the Bay Area.

Take East Bay BRT to Think College Now to take advantage of the programs that bring high expectations to students and will help them pursue their dreams.